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Issue 66 – February 2014

GCP News
Issue 66 – 28th February 2014

Come with us on an interplanetary passage through the GCP galaxy of stars! First, we take a giant’s leap with a new release from IBP, then moonwalk through blogosphere with a musical assortment of stories to learn the notes of IBP’s overture. Continuing in the same section of sky, celestial bodies convene at the Transition crossroads for the setting of GCP’s sun and the rising of IBP’s moon. We next set out on a quest taking us light-years into next-generation genomics with some universal events. Finally, the home planet calls us to enjoy some Earthly delights with a feast of films to satiate your hunger on GCP’s rice research, plus a phenotyping dessert for afters and that down-to-Earth experience!

All things IBP

BMS-graphic1-jpeg-square-1001. Call across the universe to crop breeders and plant scientists: help test IBP’s Breeding Management System v2.0
The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) team took a giant leap at the end of January 2014, when it released the Breeding Management System (BMS) v2.0, sporting a smart assortment of new improved features in data processing, decision-making, and more. Anyone interested is invited to register on IBP, where the BMS can be downloaded free of charge. Feedback is warmly welcomed! More
newLOGO-IBP-1002. Synchronised symphony strikes a high note: blogpost quartet perform GCP’s signature tune on the spirit of sharing
Four philarmonic blogposts illustrate several fundamental facets of IBP – GCP’s flagship initiative. IBP is  a web-based one-stop shop for information, analytical tools and related services to design and carry out integrated crop-breeding projects. This musical medley of stories features the conductor, virtuosos, and the entire orchestra that make up the IBP symphony, with a melody in the key of change, trust and a technological transformation. More 
just-sunset-bg-square-1003. At sunset and before sunrise: welcome to Transition Twilight
As GCP’s sunset begins to glow, the Transition Taskforce, comprising, among others, representatives of GCP’s Executive Board and Consortium Committee and the CGIAR Consortium Office met from 25th–27th February 2014 to discuss GCP’s imminent dusk and the anticipated dawning of IBP Phase II. Discussions included evaluating formal offers for hosting IBP Phase II, and advocacy regarding the future of IBP in a post-GCP world. On a related note, we’d like to introduce Peter Ninnes, our new Transition Manager. More
4. Taking genomics to the next generation at international level
genomics-theme-web-square-100 We begin with a host of GCP genomics experts who convened for the aptly titled GCP workshop at the annual International Plant and Genome Conference (PAG XXII) on 13th January 2014. More
For more rich pickings in the world of GCP genomics, check out the 4th international workshop on Next-generation genomics and integrated breeding for crop improvement, which was held at ICRISAT, India, from 19th–21st February 2014, where the GCP Director gave the closing talk. More
For GCP events past, present and future, here’s the the full listing
5. Feast your eyes on videos celebrating rice research and community life at GCP!
Rice-bowl square-web-100 Hungry for news on GCP’s rice research? We highly recommend savouring the flavours expertly blended in this new kid on the blog raving about rice from Africa to Asia. The flavourful films feature Principal Investigator (PI) of GCP’s Rice Research Initiative, Marie-Noëlle Ndjiondjop (Africa Rice Center), whilst the capacity-building corner is upheld by GCP PI, Jonaliza Lanceras-Siangliw (BIOTEC, Thailand). A past BBC interview featuring GCP’s rice research rounds off this rice-fest on a ringing note! More
Phenotyping-book-cover-Frontiers-1006. Phenotyping compendium takes research beyond new Frontiers
In the pioneering spirit which has marked GCP since the outset of its adventure, we are pleased to bring you good news on the recent open-access republication and refreshing of chapters from GCP’s 2011 volume Phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice. The new edition incorporates innovative updates and new findings. More

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