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GCP's sunset – Related blogposts

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Related blogposts

Venture to GCP's blogosphere with the  selected blogposts below that touch on GCP's sunset, or go directly to the dedicated GCP Sunset Blog.

GCP now, then, and after


Where we've come from, where we are, and where we're going

Dave Hoisington (pictured)  is the Chair of GCP’s Consortium Committee, and currently ICRISAT’s Director of Research. Dave was previously with CIMMYT, GCP’s host Centre. He has therefore been involved with GCP "since day minus one" in his words.

Travel with Dave from the beginning – and before the beginning – of GCP, and how the Programme will be brought to an orderly close. Dave also elaborates on the role of the Consortium Committee.


Bird's eye view from the Board


The GCP community, its labours and joys

Please meet Andrew Bennett (pictured), the Chair of GCP’s Executive Board. Among other responsibilities, he is also President of the Tropical Agricultural Association, UK, chairs the SciDev.Net Board, and previously chaired the CIFOR Board. Andrew has worked on development programmes in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

In this post, Andrew shares his perspectives on GCP’s work, its impact, the challenges, the community GCP has built, and the role of the Board.


On common ground – A longstanding association

Carmen Thönnissen


In this post, we catch up with SDC’s Carmen Thönnissen (pictured). She walks us through the whys of Switzerland's continued funding to GCP that has spanned nearly the Programme’s entire lifetime.

Carmen Thönnissen is Senior Advisor, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Corporate Domain Global Cooperation of the Global Programme for Food Security. Through the years, SDC has been a consistent GCP funder. Here, Carmen gives us some insights into this longstanding relationship.


GCP at its founding: What was the vision?

Masaru Iwanaga

A walk down memory lane with Masa

We caught up with Masaru Iwanaga (pictured), previously Director General of CIMMYT  in 2002–2008, and now President of the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS), based in Tsukuba, Japan. CIMMYT is GCP's host Centre. Here's what Masa had to say about GCP's early years, and where the Programme is today...



A chat with the Chief

Jean-Marcel Ribaut

Inside GCP today

Do a deep dive with Jean-Marcel into GCP’s 'engine room'. What makes the Programme work? How is it structured and governed? For a geographically dispersed Programme with multi-institutional teams, what's the trick that keeps the different parts moving and well-oiled to maintain forward motion minimise friction? Get acquainted (and hopefully 'infected') with the 'GCP Spirit'…

Jean-Marcel Ribaut (pictured) is the GCP Director. His work involves coordinating the research activities and overseeing finances, ensuring that at the end of the day the overall Programme objectives are met...


Generation next for plant breeding


A shared vision

What is GCP all about and why is its work important? Why was GCP created? Read recollections from key people involved in GCP’s conceptualisation, and how realisation of the shared vision continues today. Featuring candid conversations with Masa Iwanaga, former Director General, CIMMYT; Dave Hoisington, Consortium Committee Chair; Andrew Bennett, Executive Board member; and Jean-Marcel Ribaut, GCP Director.


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