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ARM 2007 - Presentations

Each year, GCP's wide range of partners come together to discuss GCP activities and developments at the GCP Annual Resarch Meeting (ARM). This year's meeting was held in Benoni, South Africa, and brought together some 150 scientists from around the world. Whilst the structure of previous Annual Research Meetings had always been focused on project-centred and specific stand-alone projects, this year's meeting was notably different, with all presentations being organised around four main themes:


Day One - Wednesday 12th September
GCP Perspectives

PLENARY SESSION I: Stakeholder perspectives on needs and bottlenecks for plant improvement in Africa

  • S Khoza, (President, Gauteng Farmers’ Union and General Secretary, National African Farmers’ Union, South Africa)
  • F Samidu, (Managing Director, Seed-Tech, Malawi)
  • P Fato, (Instituto de Investigação Agrária de Moçambique - IIAM)
  • R Edema, (Makerere University/AMMANET, Uganda)
  • J Ininda, (PASS)

Day Two - Thursday 13th September
PLENARY SESSION II: Exploiting allelic diversity (theme 1)

BRAINSTORMING PREPARATION I: Which populations for combining crop improvement and genetic analysis?

Evening workshop of Thursday 13th - The role of different partner communities in GCP
Notes taken during these sessions are summarised in the Powerpoint presentations below (presented during the "Report to Plenary session on Sunday 16th September):

• ARIs North (R Tuberosa)
• ARIs South (J Magalhães)
• CGIAR (N  Veracruz)
• Private sector (P Freymark)
• CSOs (M Laing)
• NARS (E Okai)

Day Four - Saturday 15th September
PLENARY SESSION III: Genomic resources and gene/pathway discovery (theme 2)

BRAINSTORMING PREPARATION II: Recent highlights in crop research

Day Five - Sunday 16th September
PLENARY SESSION IV: Marker development and breeding applications (theme 3)

PLENARY SESSION V: Support Services and Enabling Delivery (theme 4)

Reports to plenary - BRAINSTORMING SESSIONS:

  • Maize (J Gethi) (of which the second session was combined with the Sorghum group)
  • Sorghum (T Hash) (including feedback from session I, and feedback from session II, which was combined with the Maize group)
  • Wheat and Barley (P Langridge)
  • Rice (H Leung)
  • Roots and tubers (M Fregene)
  • Legumes (D Hoisington)

Wrap-up presentations:

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