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Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice (2014)

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 Republication of selected chapters in Frontiers in Plant Physiology

At GCP's 2011 General Research Meeting in Hyderabad, India, group discussions on communications included the possibility of republishing the 2011 GCP book Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice with an open-source online publisher, Frontiers. Republishing this work gave contributing authors an opportunity to update their findings, and to bring state-of-the-art research in phenotyping to the public once more, with each author moving at their own pace. Not all chapters from the original book have been republished in Frontiers in Plant Physiology, but those that were republished were compiled into a Frontiers e-book.

Users can discover phenotyping research beyond new Frontiers by downloading the entire book or each republished chapter below...

Download the entire book:
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 E- book, Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice


View or download each chapter:
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Facing the challenges of global agriculture today: what can we do about drought?

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I.1 Key-concepts Tuberosa-jpeg-100 I.4 Screening-experimental-designs Federer-Crossa-jpeg-100 I.7 Analysis-metabolites Setter-jpeg-100 I.8 Crop-ontology Shrestha-jpeg-100
Phenotyping for drought tolerance of crops in the genomics era Screening experimental designs for quantitative trait loci, association mapping, genotype-by-environment interaction Analysis of constituents for phenotyping drought tolerance in crop improvement Bridging the phenotypic and genetic data useful for integrated breeding through a data annotation using the Crop Ontology developed by the crop communities of practice
Application to specific crops
II.1.1 Rice-jpeg-100 II.1.2 Wheat-jpeg-100 II.1.3 Maize-jpeg-100 II.1.5 Pearl-millet-jpeg-100
Field phenotyping strategies and breeding for adaptation of rice to drought Phenotyping for drought adaptation in wheat using physiological traits Phenotyping maize for adaptation to drought Phenotyping pearl millet for adaptation to drought
II.2.2 Chickpeas-pigeonpeas-jpeg-100 II.2.3 Cowpeas Hall-jpeg-100
Phenotyping chickpeas and pigeonpeas for adaptation to drought Phenotyping cowpeas for adaptation to drought
I.5 Effects-water-deficit Tardieu-jpeg-100 I.6 Statistical-analysis Malosetti-jpeg-100 I.10 Spatial-analysis Hyman-jpeg-100


Plant response to environmental conditions: Assessing potential production, water demand, and negative effects of water deficit The statistical analysis of multi-environment data: modelling genotype-by-environment interaction and its genetic basis Spatial analysis to support geographic targeting of genotypes to environments



Application to specific crops
II.2.1 Beans-jpeg-100 II.3.1 Cassava-jpeg-100 II.3.3 Bananas-plantains-jpeg-100


Phenotyping common beans for adaptation to drought Phenotypic approaches to drought in cassava: review Phenotyping bananas for drought resistance