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Phenotyping compendium takes research beyond new Frontiers

Phenotyping-book-cover-Frontiers-web-200In the pioneering spirit which has marked GCP since the outset of its adventure (see our efforts in 2008 in this self-same area), we are pleased to bring you good news on the republication in 2014 of chapters from GCP’s 2011 volume Phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice. The original comprehensive tome continues to be sought after by experts in the field, both for personal research, learning and teaching purposes, and is available here.

As the world of crop research evolves so rapidly, at GCP’s 2011 General Research Meeting in Hyderabad, India, communal conversations on communication commenced on the possibility of republishing chapters from the 2011 book to incorporate updated research and new findings with an open-source online publisher, Frontiers.

This plan was endorsed in group discussions, and, though not all chapters from the original book were republished, the idea came into fruition with the republication of nine crop chapters and seven chapters from the methods section, as a Research Topic in Frontiers in Plant Physiology. All republished chapters are publicly available to view or download free of charge either on our website in a variety of formats, or as an e-book on the Frontiers website.

As GCP moseys into the sunset, it continues to blaze a trail in the challenging field of phenotyping, paving the way for future generations.