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Call for research ideas on wheat, heat and drought

Wheat P.Kosina CIMMYT-square-100The CGIAR Research Programme on wheat is calling for proposals. The work will be implemented through the Heat and Drought Wheat Improvement Consortium – HeDWIC, a Consortium to be facilitated by our host, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT). CIMMYT also leads the International Wheat Improvement Network (IWIN).

In order to launch HeDWIC and to frame the discussion around the best ideas worldwide in plant stress technology, research ideas are to be presented at a conference in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (1st4th December 2014) at which other stakeholders will be present, including funders who have expressed interest in the HeDWIC initiative. Researchers whose proposals are selected for presentation will be sponsored to the conference.

The research framework spans three main components:

  • Component 1: Resource capture and utilisation efficiency
  • Component 2: Reproductive growth and resource partitioning
  • Component 3: Impact targeting, and strategic deployment of traits and alleles

Components 1 and 2 encompass basic research on major stress-adaptive characteristics that are expected to contribute to improved performance under heat and drought stress (based on precedent and theory in published literature). Component 3 represents a series of implementation steps required to harness cutting-edge breeding approaches in regions where the CGIAR Research Programme on wheat operates.

Deadline for applications:  1st September 2014 | icon More details, including how to apply (465.15 kB)