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A Challenge Initiative by any other name...

Research initiative

As expressed in the opening message on GCP's homepage, GCP is currently undergoing several changes. The name of our ‘Challenge Initiatives' is changing to ‘Research Initiatives', but this is more than just a facelift: it reflects the shifting composition going on at the core of the Programme and represents the new make-up of this set of projects.

The Research Initiatives (RIs) are the natural evolution of the Challenge Initiatives and have several significant modifications: the addition of the maize RI; and the ‘legumes' RI is now more comprehensive, comprising cowpeas, chickpeas, groundnuts and common beans.

The seven Research Initiatives are therefore:

  1. Maize
  2. Rice
  3. Sorghum
  4. Wheat
  5. Comparative Genomics
  6. Legumes
  7. Cassava

We shall be updating the GCP website in due course to reflect these changes. In the meantime, kindly bear with us.