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About us - GCP Manual and appendixes 2006

The 2006 GCP Manual provides a history on the formation of GCP, as well as what the Programme looked like in its early years.

icon Download the GCP Manual (263.92 kB)

  • Part I Docs 01 - 28
  • Part II - Docs 30 - 68
  • Part III - Docs 69 - 106
  • Part IV - Docs 107 - 138

icon DOC001. Proposal to Establish UGDCP (Feb 2003) (902.42 kB)

icon DOC002. Participants Alexandria 2003 (87.5 kB)

icon DOC003. Technical Planning Workshop Summary of Proceedings (91.5 kB)

icon DOC004. GCP Consortium Agreement (Amended 15th July 2009) (152.83 kB)

icon DOC005. DRAFT Humanitarian License, December 2004 (32 kB)

icon DOC007. 2003 Alexandria Stakeholders Meeting SUMMARY (28.5 kB)

icon DOC009. Governance structure of the pilot Challenge Programs (30.5 kB)

icon DOC011. PSC Members and Contact Information (25.5 kB)

icon DOC011. PSC Members and Contact Information (25.5 kB)

icon DOC013. Minutes of 2003 PSC meeting (51.5 kB)

icon DOC014. Minutes of the 2004 PSC meeting (161.5 kB)

icon DOC015. DRAFT GCP statement on transgenic research v 7 (30 kB)

icon DOC016. DRAFT GCP statement on transgenic research v.10 (25.5 kB)

icon DOC017. PSC Chair compensation and honoraria (42 kB)

icon DOC018. Dr Terry appointment letter (25 kB)

icon DOC019. Minutes of the Nov 2004 Stakeholders Committe meeting (164.5 kB)

icon DOC020. Minutes of the GCP Stakeholder Committee meeting May 2005 (540.5 kB)

icon DOC021. Stakeholder Committee Terms of Reference (48.79 kB)

icon DOC022. Stakeholders Committee Members (41 kB)

icon DOC023. Selection of new PSC chair, June 2004 (37 kB)

icon DOC024. Program Advisory Committee Terms of Reference (25.62 kB)

icon DOC025. Program Advisory Committee Members (27.7 kB)

icon DOC026. Wayne Powell report to PAC on competitive grants process and outcome (372.5 kB)

icon DOC027. GCP Director first announcement, 2004 (646.5 kB)

icon DOC028. GCP Director second announcement, 2005 (652 kB)