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2013 GRM Presentations

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GRM 2013 presentations, set in the agenda for context

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 Friday 27th September | Saturday 28th September | Sunday 29th September | Monday 30th September |

Session X: Brainstorming Sessions for IBP Phase 2 | Session XI: RI perspectives from crop group parallel sessions   

Project-updates-2013-100 icon 2013 Project Updates (1.49 MB)

Friday 27th September (1st day)

Time Topic Presenter/Moderator
Opening Plenary

Session I (Chair: J-M Ribaut)

08:30–08:45 GCP Director Welcome remarks J-M Ribaut
08:45–09:00 GCP Executive Board Chair Welcome remarks A Bennett
09:00–09:30 Delivering drought tolerance to those who need it; from genetic resource to cultivar R Trethowan

Session II (Chair: JM Ribaut)

CRP updates
09:30–09:45 Maize B Vivek
09:45–10:00 Rice H Leung
10:00–10:15 Roots and Tubers M Gedil

Integrated Breeding Platform

G McLaren &

Coffee Break

Session III (Chair: M. Sawkins)

Project Reporting
11:1511:35 Molecular breeding and selection strategies to combine and validate quantitative trait loci for improving water-use efficiency and heat tolerance of wheat in India KV Prabhu
11:3511:55 Breeding and selection strategies to combine and validate quantitative trait loci for water-use efficiency and heat tolerance of wheat in China R Jing
11:5512:15 Generating new wheat germplasm with enhanced drought/heat tolerance using AB genomes genetic diversity S Misra
12:1512:35 Breeder-friendly high-throughput phenotyping tools to select for wheat adaptive traits in drought environments F Dreccer
12:3513:00 The way forward J-M Ribaut
13:00–14:00 Lunch break
Parallel Discussion I

Crop Group (Wheat, Rice, Cassava, Legumes, Sorghum & Maize) Breakout Sessions (includes coffee break at 15:30)

  Crop Group Session Chairs/GCP Advisors:
Legumes Advisor: NN Diop
S Beebe
P Gaur
O Boukar
P Okori
B Vivek & J-M Ribaut
E Okogbenin & L Butler
J-F Rami & H Paschal
N Ahmadi & G McLaren
R Trethowan & M Sawkins

Topics for discussion:

  • Review of product catalogue
    • Completeness for products available now (i.e. are we missing any important ones?)
    • Accuracy of documentation (title, description, access)
    • Identification of output products to come (before and after the end of 2014)
  • Identification of what needs to be done to complete the documentation and ensure availability in a sustainable way (i.e. source and seed quantity needed for distribution, etc)
17:30–19:30 POSTER SESSION I Moderator:
G Summers


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Saturday, 28th September (2nd day)


Time Topic Presenter/Moderator

Session IV (Chair: R.K. Varshney)

CRP Updates (contd)
08:3008:45 Grain Legumes N Ellis
  CRP Wheat (CIMMYT & ICARDA) M van Ginkel
08:4509:00 Dryland Cereals S Sivasankar
Session V (Chair: R.K. Varshney)
Project Reporting
Comparative Genomics
09:0009:20 Cloning, characterisation and validation of AltSB/Al tolerance in maize C Guimaraes
09:2009:40 Cloning, characterisation and validation of Pup1/P efficiency in maize L Kochian
09:4010:00 Cloning, characterisation and validation of AltSB/Al tolerance in rice L Kochian
10:0010:20 Implement MARS projects for drought tolerance and A cassava breeding community of practice in Africa: for accelerated production and dissemination of farmer-preferred cassava varieties resistant to pests and diseases (Phase II) E Okogbenin
10:2010:40 Improving and deploying markers for biotic traits in cassava C Egesi
Coffee break
Session VI (Chair: H. Paschal)
Project Reporting

Cassava (Cont’d)

11:1011:30 Global Cassava Partnership Program C Fauquet
11:3011:50 Discovery and development of alleles contributing to sorghum drought tolerance A Paterson
11:5012:10 Development and evaluation of drought-adapted sorghum germplasm for Africa and Australia A Borrell
12:1012:30 Enhancing sorghum grain yield and quality for the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa using the backcross nested association mapping (BCNAM) approach N Teme
12:3012:50 Improve sorghum productivity in semi-arid environments of Mali through integrated MARS J-F Rami
12:5014:00 Lunch

Parallel Discussion II


Crop Group Breakout Session (includes coffee break at 15:30) Discussion Topics:

  • Data Management strategy and crop DB
  • Classification of projects into finished (currently and by end of 2014) and unfinished activities
    • If finished determine if continuation of activity is desirable, and if so how/where
    • If unfinished, proposed home and plan for the integration of these activities beyond 2014
17:3019:30 Poster Session II Moderator:
G Summers

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Sunday 29th September (3rd day)



Time Topic Presenter/Moderator

Session VII (Chair: G. McLaren)

Project Reporting
Sorghum (contd)
08:3008:50 Establishing a molecular breeding program based on the aluminum tolerance gene AltSB and the P efficiency QTL, Pup-1, for increasing sorghum production in Sub-Saharan Africa F Rattunde
08:5009:10  Improving phosphorus efficiency in sorghum by the identification and validation of sorghum homologs for Pup1, a major QTL underlying phosphorus uptake in rice (SorghumPup1) J Magalhaes
09:10–09:30 Improving rice productivity in the lowland ecosystems of Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria through marker-assisted recurrent selection MN Ndjiondjop
09:3009:50 Targeting drought-avoidance root traits to enhance rice productivity under water-limited environments A Henry
09:5010:10 Rice multiparent advanced generation intercrosses (MAGIC) – Phase II H Leung
10:1010:30 Breeding drought tolerance for rainfed lowland rice in the Mekong region B Jongdee
10:3010:50 Dissemination and community of practice for newly developed drought- tolerant QTLs pyramided breeding lines A Kumar

Coffee Break

Session VIII (Chair: L. Butler)

Project Reporting

11:2011:40 AMDROUT: Asian Maize Drought-Tolerance Project B Vivek
11:4012:00 Marker-assisted backcrossing for improving phosphorous-use efficiency and tolerance to aluminium toxicity via Pup-1 and AltSB genes in maize S Gudu
12:0012:20 Improve chickpea productivity for marginal environments in sub- Saharan Africa and South Asia RK Varshney
12:2012:40 Harnessing the potential of multiparent advanced generation intercross (MAGIC) populations for gene discovery and breeding applications in chickpeas P Gaur

Improve cowpea productivity for marginal environments in sub-Saharan Africa

P Roberts

Free Afternoon


Gala Dinner

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Monday, 30th September (4th day)


Time Topic Presenter/Moderator
Plenary (Chair: N.N. Diop)
Session IX
Project Reporting
08:3008:50 Improve groundnut productivity for marginal environments in sub-Saharan Africa V Vadez
08:5009:10 Improve common bean productivity for marginal environments in sub- Saharan Africa B Raatz
09:1009:30 Introduction to the BeanCAP Project P McClean
  Cross-Cutting (Legumes)  
09:3009:50 Drought phenotyping V Vadez
09:5010:10 Genome-Wide Selection Update RK Varshney & A Rathore

IBP Future - Explanation of Brainstorming Sessions

J-M Ribaut


Coffee Break

Session X (Chair: J-M. Ribaut)

Brainstorming Sessions for IBP Phase 2 (primer)

12:3013:30 Lunch

Session XI (Chair: J-M. Ribaut)

13:3017:30 Closing Summaries and Remarks
13:3015:45 RI perspectives from crop group parallel sessions Crop PDCs (15 minutes each)
Cassava E Okogbenin
Chickpeas P Gaur
Beans (oral remarks)
S Beebe
Groundnuts P Okori
Cowpeas O Boukar
Maize B Vivek & L Kochian
Rice N Ahmadi
Sorghum J-F Rami
Wheat M Sawkins

Coffee Break


GCP Team Closing remarks (10 minutes each)


Comparative and Applied Genomics

RK Varshney
Integrated Crop Breeding M Sawkins
Crop Information Systems G McLaren
Capacity Building NN Diop
Product Delivery L Butler
17:0517:30 GRM Closing Remarks J-M Ribaut


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