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Project Level Posters – 2011

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Public vote and performance awards | Poster PDFs

Participants at the 2011 GRM were invited to present a poster on GCP work, or on work related to GCP’s mission for non-GCP scientists.

Posters were grouped by the four themes listed further below in the 'Poster PDFs' section. The idea was for communication and fun whilst sharing information. The scope of the posters was to be exciting results from GCP projects, or non-GCP work which is however related to GCP’s mission. Striking concepts and methodologies were also welcome.

In line with the previous ARM poster sessions, presenters were faced with the challenge of engaging the audience and employing the necessary powers of persuasion to 'sell' their respective posters as the best of the bunch - and all in  Powerpoint-barred presentations of 60 seconds or less! Besides a ticking clock, poster presenters were also restricted to using only  their presentation-making skills, charm, wit and creativity. Unlike in previous years, transparencies were not allowed, though other, more ‘unusual’ visual aids were encouraged. Besides time and material limitations, presenters were encouraged to let their imagination, creativity, and all-important sense of humour roam free!

As in previous years, the poster presentations were followed by poster viewing sessions, in which our GRM audience were asked to cast votes for their favourite posters within each of the four themes.  The winning posters are announced in the poster winners gallery below.

Public vote and performance awards

There were two categories of awards to certify and celebrate the posters presented.

  • A public vote for the winning poster for each of the four themes (and therefore objective and based on indisputable metrics), and,
  • Performance awards, mostly for creativity and prowess when 'selling' the poster during the 60-second sizzle at plenary (zero metrics, and completely subjective, based purely on the perception of the poster session organisers).

Gallery of Poster Winners

Public vote awards

Theme 1 Winner
Theme 1 WinnerComparative and Applied Genomics

Theme 1 Winner
Theme 1 Winner
Theme 2 Winner
Theme 3 Winner
Theme 4 Winner
Theme 4 Winner

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Performance Awards

The Deep and Wide Award
The Deep and Wide AwardSteve Beebe

The Deep and Wide Award
The Daredevil Award
The Tollywood Twins Award
Coordinated Marketing Award
The Storytelling & Suspense Award on the Sorghum Saga
The Merchandising and Mastery of Medium Award
The Wizard of OryZa Award
The Ontology Trilogy Award
The Beating the Odds Award
The Courage Under Fire Award

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Poster PDFs

Comparative and applied genomics | Integrated crop breeding | Crop information systems |
Capacity building & Product delivery | Extras

Theme 1 - Comparative and applied genomics

Title Lead Author Poster Presenter
Cassava iconDevelopment of a genetic resources base for drought and biotic stress improvement in cassava (1.29 MB) Morag Ferguson Morag Ferguson
Maize icon QTLs and Genes for Aluminium Tolerance in Maize (1.2 MB) Claudia Guimarães Claudia Guimarães
Pigeonpea icon Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for diversity analysis and linkage mapping in pigeonpea (Caja (659.27 kB) Rachit K Saxena Rachit K Saxena
Rice icon Genetic Architecture of Aluminum Tolerance in Rice (O. sativa) Determined Through Genome-Wide Associ (1.52 MB) Adam Famoso Leon Kochian
Sorghum icon Identification and Validation of Maize and Sorghum Homologs for Pup1, a major QTL for P Uptake in Ri (1.43 MB) Jurandir Magalhães Jurandir Magalhães

Maize and sorghum

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icon Improving grain yield on acid soils by the identification of genetic factors underlying drought and (667.45 kB) Leon Kochian Leon Kochian

Theme 2 - Integrated crop breeding

Title Lead Author Poster Presenter
Beans Improving drought adaptation in Pinto bean for the semiarid highlands of Mexico Jorge A. Acosta-Gallegos Steve Beebe
icon Improving common bean productivity for marginal environments in sub-Saharan Africa (976.38 kB) Steve Beebe Steve Beebe
Cassava Participatory clonal evaluation of introduced cassava genotypes in agro-ecological zones of Ghana Elizabeth Yaa Parkes Ruth Thompson
icon Integrated breeding strategies for disease resistant and nutritious cassava varieties (756.27 kB) Chiedozie Egesi Chiedozie Egesi
icon Preliminary genetic linkage mapping of cassava (Manihot esculenta) using SNP markers (495.3 kB) Kwabena Acheremu Elizabeth Yaa Parkes
Chickpeas icon Deployment of molecular markers for developing high yielding wilt resistance chickpea genotypes (702.48 kB) Bharadwaj Chellapilla Bharadwaj Chellapilla
icon Improving drought tolerance of Kenyan chickpea variety by introgressing root QTL traits using Marker Assisted Backcross Crossing (MABC) (1.1 MB) Paul Kimurto Paul Kimurto
icon Integrated chickpea breeding approach to enhance crop responses to climate change in Ethiopia (244.99 kB) Asnake Fikre Asnake Fikre
icon Development and implementation of genomic and genetic resources for improving chickpea productivity for marginal environments in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia (863.15 kB) Rajeev K Varshney, Mahendar Thudi Mahendar Thudi


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icon Application of Marker-Assisted Selection for Striga Resistance in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. WALP) (364.93 kB) J.B.S. Tignègre J.B.S. Tignègre
Groundnuts icon Pattern of flowering and yield components under water stress imposed during reproductive phase in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (567.7 kB) Halilou Oumarou Halilou Oumarou

icon Consensus genetic maps for drought tolerance related traits and foliar diseases resistance traits in cultivated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) (438.21 kB) Rajeev Varshney, Manish Pandey Manis Pandey
Maize icon Maize genetic analysis of gray leaf spot resistance (1.99 MB) Fan Xingming
icon Development of Maize Drought Tolerance in Indonesia: Status and Progress (255.56 kB) Azrai Muhammad Azrai Muhammad
icon Screening for tolerance to Al toxicity and P-efficiency in Kenyan maize germplasm (1.15 MB) Samuel Gudu Samuel Gudu
icon Exploiting the genetic diversity of available maize germplasm using SSR markers to cluster inbred lines collection at KARI Katumani (322.02 kB) James G. Gethi James G. Gethi
icon Asian Maize Drought Tolerance (AMDROUT) Project: Perspectives and Progress (398.28 kB) Bindiganavile Vivek

Bindiganavile Vivek


icon The use of crop growth performance data for characterization and mapping of variability in soil water holding capacity (131.8 kB) Alhassan Tswako Maji Alhassan Tswako Maji
icon Pyramiding of resistance QTL/gene into Mekong mega varieties using marker-assisted backcrossing (15.97 MB) Jonaliza Lanceras-Siangliw Jonaliza Lanceras-Sinagliw
icon Root phenotyping for drought tolerance: Evaluation of the OryzaSNP panel using a range of methods (1.68 MB) Amelia Henry Amelia Henry
icon Is drought screening in dry season reliable for genotype selection for rainfed lowland rice- a case study in Laos? (406.16 kB) Phetmaniseng Xangsayasane Boonrat Jongdee
icon MAGIC Rice: production, characterization, and its use in breeding networks (472.97 kB) Hei Leung Hei Leung

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icon Development of drought-tolerant rice varieties adapted to West Africa lowland agrosystem (613.8 kB) Ibnou Dieng Ibnou Dieng
Sorghum icon Variability for post-flowering drought tolerance in sorghum reference set (2.9 MB) Hari Deo Upadhyaya Hari Deo Upadhyaya
Development of sorghum isogenic male sterile and restorer lines and isogenic hybrids for use as a tool in field validation of the effect of the gene for aluminium tolerance - AltSB Robert E. Schaffert
icon Phenotyping of panicle characteristics in a sorghum mapping population in Mali (433.97 kB) Dramane Sako Dramane Sako
icon Development and evaluation of drought-adapted sorghum gemplasm for Africa and Australia (67.03 kB) Andrew Borrell Andrew Borrell
Wheat icon Exploiting AB genome diversity for creating new wheat germplasm for enhanced drought and heat tolerance (1.71 MB) Misra S. Misra S.
icon Association mapping of dynamic developmental plant height in common wheat (921.85 kB) Ruilian Jing Yueqiang Zhang

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icon Physiological trait based phenotyping of international core set for drought tolerance in wheat (1.69 MB) K V Prabhu KV Prabhu

Theme 3: Crop information systems

Title Lead Author Poster Presenter
icon Construction of genetic linkage maps and mapping of quantitative trait loci in QTL IciMapping v3.1 (270.19 kB) Jiangkang Wang
icon Molecular characterisation of Burkina Faso rice landraces using 22 microsatellite markers and establishment of a core collection (284.74 kB) Honoré Kam Honoré Kam
icon Coverage based consensus calling (CbCC) of short sequence reads and comparison of CbCC-results for the identification of SNPs in chickpea, a crop species without a reference genome (166.49 kB) RK Varshney, Trushar Shah Trushar Shah
icon ISMU: An easy-to-use pipeline for identification of SNPs based on next generation sequencing (NGS) data (1.1 MB) Abhishek Rathore, RK Varshney Abhishek Rathore

icon Expansion of the crop ontology by adding Cassava trait ontology (475.91 kB)

icon Expansion of the GCP crop ontology with Musa (Bananas and Plantains) Anatomy and trait ontology (273.67 kB)

Peter Arthur Kulakow Elizabeth Arnaud, Luca Matteis and Moshood Bakare
icon To contribute crop traits lists using the new online crop ontology curation and annotation tool (632.02 kB) Elizabeth Arnaud Elizabeth Arnaud, Luca Matteis and Moshood Bakare
icon QuMARS, A QU-GENE application module that simulates marker assisted recurrent selection and genomic (156.49 kB) Jiankang Wang
icon A new web interface for rice germplasm and breeding data: integrated data browser and studyMart (369.98 kB) Chengzhi Liang Jeff Morales
icon Molecular breeding services at IBP/GCP (399.38 kB) Chunlin He Chunlin He
icon Generation atlas scaling up GCP research (1.52 MB) Glenn Hyman Glenn Hyman

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icon Data and information management service of IBP (420.74 kB) Arllet Portugal Arllet Portugal and Clarissa Pimentel

Theme 4. Capacity building and Product delivery

Title Lead Author Poster Presenter
icon Exploiting the benefits of sharing knowledge and technology among research partners towards a cassava MAB-based program: experiences from Uganda (722.98 kB) Anthony Pariyo Anthony Pariyo
icon TL-I students for analysis of drought tolerance in common bean (312.76 kB) Steve Beebe Steve Beebe
icon Introgression of Saltol and fine-mapping of reproductive-stage QTLs to develop rice varieties highly tolerant of salt stress (487.16 kB) Abdelbagi M. Ismail Md. Sazzadur Rahman

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Communities of practice generation challenge initiative for rice in West Africa Andrew A. Efisue

Extra posters

Title Lead Author Poster Presenter
icon Growth and control of leaf water losses of tropical legumes cowpea and peanut in response to atmospheric pressure (553.52 kB) Issa Faye Issa Faye
icon Identification and marker assisted introgression of multiple genes for the improvement of bacterial blight resistance in Myanmar rice variety Manawthukha (262.87 kB) Khin Myo Win Khin Myo Win

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