Progress in 2010 - Beans

Ninety-five SNPs have been validated with KASPar technology, and a further 1,000 SNPs will be validated with Illumina technologies using the same parents. Towards achieving 200 breeding lines produced with combinations of bean common mosaic necrosis potyvirus (BCMNV), bruchid or common bacterial blight (CBB) resistance through appropriate genotyping methods, two populations were sent to Malawi for bean stem maggot phenotyping. A novel phenotyping method was tested, employing an infrared camera mounted on a mobile platform, and digital photographs, as opposed to static readings of a hand-held infrared ‘gun.’ This method permits rapid data collection of a large foliar area for subsequent analysis. Stomatal conductance, photosynthetic efficiency and water-use efficiency (through carbon isotope discrimination) were measured. Genotypic differences in agronomic water-use efficiency were also determined. Three inter-gene pool advanced backcross populations with more than 130 derived lines each are being advanced from F4 to F5, and could be ready for phenotyping in June 2011.