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Molecular Marker Toolkit

Over the last decade genomics has become a key factor in biological research worldwide. It has helped in targeting, identifying and deploying useful genes. Molecular markers greatly facilitate the selection of traits that are often difficult and time-consuming to detect based on phenotype. As such, marker-assisted selection (MAS) helps to speed up the incorporation of these valuable traits. The pervasiveness of research programmes on genomics has led to both an overwhelming amount of publications and many databases, whereby searching for available molecular markers ready for use for MAS can become a real odyssey.

Driven by the demand of agricultural researchers and plant breeders, particularly those based in developing countries and who face difficulties in accessing up-to-date scientific information on useful molecular markers, GCP's Subprogramme 5 decided to address the need to establish a tool which will allow rapid access to currently available and validated markers. Our response to this growing knowledge gap is the GCP Molecular Marker Toolkit ('MM Toolkit'). This toolkit is a compilation of information available via internet sources, public databases and papers that has been verified against plant breeders' experiences. As an easily accessible global public good, it marks an important step towards supporting the adoption of modern agricultural technologies for the benefit of the poor in developing countries.

Background information on the MM Toolkit can be found here.


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