Details for Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2010–2012

Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2010–2012
Name:Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2010–2012

To sum up the net balance from Phase I is, overall, very positive: GCP has built a strong and dedicated community, identified the most promising research trends and well-positioned partners, and is already delivering a significant set of products to improve crop genetic research and breeding. Therefore, we confidently entered Phase II on a positive and optimistic note, with an added spring in our step. The Management Team is fully committed to continue implementing the GCP strategy, so as to achieve Programme objectives by 2013. And while the development of some platforms might target a large set of our mandate crops, specific research themes have been identified and will be pursued through seven Challenge Initiatives for important crops and traits identified in GCP target farming systems. Our revised strategy emphasises product management and delivery as crucial cornerstones of GCP’s work in the coming years: concepts and ideas at GCP founding are increasingly evolving into useful GCP products, and we remain committed to delivering practical and relevant products to end-users, and – ultimately – to farmers by improving crop productivity. Because the original vision for GCP was time-bound to 2013, it is imperative that GCP ensures continued and sustainable use of Programme products after 2013. This objective on ‘what next’ in the ‘after-GCP’ era will, therefore, be at the core of our evolution strategy, which we will be drafting in the course of Phase II.

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