Details for Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2005–2007

Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2005–2007
Name:Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2005–2007

The inception year of the Generation Challenge Program (GCP) has been one of impressive scientific productivity, exceptional institutional growth, expansion of exciting scientific and institutional partnerships, and increasing international recognition beyond the CGIAR. The productive and promising arrival of this new model for the application of cutting-edge science to addressing problems of the world’s poorest people is proving to be attractive to leading scientists from around the world. This appeal extends to traditional donors to the CGIAR as well and offers a new portal for non-traditional donors and the private sector to participate in the CGIAR.

This first medium-term plan (MTP) for GCP is based upon the program presented to the Executive Council of the CGIAR in 2003. The GCP was approved for a one year inception phase in July of that year that now extends to September 2004. This MTP translates the original conceptual framework of the GCP into an operational document with specific verifiable activities and outputs with associated time frames. It is the product of an extremely intensive year-long interaction among scientists and research managers from 15 participating institutions and their partners.

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