Details for Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2007–2009

Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2007–2009
Name:Generation Challenge Programme Medium-Term Plan: 2007–2009

The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) has made rapid progress since its inception in 2003. The 2007–2009 Medium Term Plan (MTP) is the third such plan the Programme has submitted. This new MTP reflects the increasing depth of the GCP in terms of research conducted, collaborations formed, new directions forged, and lessons learned.

The GCP is a 10-year programme with a dual mandate to (1) cultivate innovative partnerships for ground-breaking science and (2) conduct research that delivers products to develop improved crop varieties for resource-poor farmers. This mandate compels the GCP to take advantage of new scientific opportunities, pursue research that is highly focused on solving major problems faced by farmers, and build systems that ensure the sustained relevance and impact of GCP research and products. In developing this MTP, we have sought to capture the vision, complex inter-institutional dynamics, and progress

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