Vacancies: Software Engineers

Monday, 10 January 2011 18:00



The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) is currently seeking to recruit a team of three dynamic and innovative software engineers to develop software for the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP). Through the $20m IBP project, GCP seeks to improve the efficiency of plant breeding initiatives worldwide by integrating molecular techniques and advanced information management into traditional breeding practices. Essential to this work are software tools that aid molecular plant breeders in deciding which parental lines are to be included in crosses and what subsequent selections are to be made based on all available phenotypic and molecular data. These tools will be developed using the open-source cyber infrastructure of iPlant Collaborative (funded by the National Science Foundation, USA) and will be assembled into an Integrated Breeding Workbench designed as a configurable workflow management system.

The team of software engineers will comprise one Senior Software Engineer/Team Leader and two Software Engineers, each with a specific specialism. Candidates must have at least a BSc in Computer Science and substantial specialist software engineering experience.

The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for translating design requirements into software specifications for informatics tools, working with iPlant developers to understand and deploy the iPlant API and SDTK informatics tools, managing a group of software engineers to develop the IB Workbench, and ensuring best practice is followed for open-source software design, development and distribution – and documented –  to ensure quality, maintainance and extension of the IB Workbench.

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Application deadline (all three positions): 15th February 2011

For further details on the position, organisation and on how to apply, please download the relevant vacancy announcement: