Socio-economics intern at GCP Headquarters


Kayoko Lyons is on internship with GCP, working under the direction of Subprogramme 5 Leader Carmen de Vicente on public awareness briefs highlighting the findings of SP5 socio-economic studies, as well as creating a GCP website on outputs from these studies.

For four weeks between July and August 2009, Kayoko was a welcome and infectiously enthusiastic addition at GCP Headquarters.

Kayoko recently graduated from the University of California–Berkeley, USA, with a BA in Economics. An American citizen with Japanese heritage, Kayoko’s people skills and ‘can do’ approach makes things happen, and she has ably tackled this substantial task, achieving great results within a very short time.

The new website, which is now undergoing the final finishing touches, will be launched shortly. GCP is grateful to Kayoko for her hard work and dedication, and for making this much-needed GCP resource a reality.

Kayoko is currently finalising the project from her new base in Ecuador.