Publishing success for GCP collaborators

Monday, 11 February 2008 18:00

Two volumes of Genomics-Assisted Crop Improvement (GACI), edited by GCP's Subprogramme 2 Leader Rajeev Varshney and GCP project collaborator Roberto Tuberosa (University of Bologna) have recently been published by Springer. Volume I, entitled “Genomics Approaches and Platforms”, presents state-of-the-art genomic resources and platforms and also describes the strategies and approaches for effectively exploiting genomics research for crop improvement. Volume II, entitled “Genomics Applications in Crops”, presents a number of case studies of important crop and plant species that summarise both the achievements and limitations of genomics research for crop improvement.

More than 90 authors, including several GCP collaborators and together representing 16 countries from five continents, have contributed 16 chapters for Volume I and 18 chapters for Volume II. Each article shows how structural and/or functional genomics can improve our capacity to unveil and deploy natural and artificial allelic variation for the benefit of plant breeders. Editors Varshney and Tuberosa hope that these two volumes, while providing new ideas and opportunities to those working in crop breeding, will help graduate students and teachers to develop a better understanding of the applications of crop genomics to plant research and breeding.

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