Previews, re-views and sunset views: a scenic tour of what’s new from GCP

Thursday, 06 November 2014 10:01

busSQAll aboard the omnibus for a tour of our latest content! We'll be travelling from the light-hearted to the serious, from the living to the dead, and back again – all before supper. And with a range of media and formats, we've something for everyone, from photos and a presentation on capacity building, to our latest annual report and new Sunset Blog.

What do you mean there's a skeleton in your seat? Ah, sorry, he's left over from last week. Just shift him up into the luggage rack and off we go...!

just-sunset-sq-182Readers of our newsletter, GCP News, will know that we celebrated the Day of the Dead with a sneak preview of our brand-new Sunset Blog. For those who have not yet visited, this scenic viewpoint will be our next stop. Here, as GCP winds down over the coming months, we will be gathering our most captivating stories, as told by our partners. Feel free to stop off here, watch the sunset, and perhaps pick up some of our attractive souvenirs, in the form of ideas, wisdom, and lessons learnt from ten years of GCP – they're easy to pack in your luggage and take away with you.

Covers2013ARs-2-smlWhen you're ready, back on the bus for another preview – that's also a review of the year 2013. Our latest annual report has now been published almost in its entirety, with the exception of the overview section. This reader-friendly digest will be available soon, but meanwhile dive in to enjoy individual sections on each of our Research Initiatives, as well as Capacity Building and the Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP). Take your time: this tour-within-a-tour will take you to fields and laboratories throughout the world, so for greater digestibility we've sliced it onto bite-sized portions and presented it in 'menu' format.

capbuildmapGive your glasses a polish and get ready to see the sights on the last leg of today's trip. You won't want to miss our latest presentation on SlideShare, with the provocative title of 'Capacity Building: Gain or Drain?' Explore models for meaningful capacity building and the issue of brain drain, and imagine yourself in the audience with a crowd's-eye-view of GCP Director Jean-Marcel Ribaut at the Tropical Soybean for Development Workshop.

Finally, the group photo from this year's General Research Meeting (GRM) is now available to view or download on our website and on Flickr – can you spot yourself or your friends?

Our whistle-stop tour is at an end, and we're back at the terminus already. Please remember to take your belongings with you (and do please leave the skeleton where he is!). We hope you will travel with us again soon – over the next few days we'll be offering fresh posts on our Sunset Blog, the final overview section of the 2013 Annual report, new videos, and more. Stay tuned!