International conference on plant abiotic stress tolerance, Vienna 2009

Monday, 18 August 2008 18:00


A conference on Plant abiotic stress tolerance will be held Pharmaziezentrum, Vienna from 8th-11th February 2009. Topics to be covered during the conference include:

The conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, one of the most well-preserved traditional European capitals, always offering new, undiscovered sights and features to be explored. Amongst the invited speakers are internationally known names such as K. Shinozaki, W.-R. Scheible, J. Sheen, R.A. Bressan, J. Kangasjärvi, J.-K. Zhu, A.D. Amtmann, K.-J. Dietz, M.W. Humphreys, W. Weckwerth, H. Hirt  and others.

The programme combines plenary lectures, poster sessions, and sightseeing tours.

Approximately 300 participants are expected including almost 40 speakers and many presentations selected from abstracts, which should be submitted to the organisers before November 10th, 2008.


Prof. Alisher Touraev
Vienna University
Department of Plant Molecular Biology
Dr. Bohr-gasse 9
Vienna 1030 Austria
Tel +431427754681; fax +43142779546
Conference webpage