Host of GCP Happenings at ICRISAT

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 18:00



We are pleased to inform our readers of a choice selection of training events linked to our tropical legumes project, taking place at ICRISAT in the past and coming months.

Firstly, the training course, in progress since October 25, 2010, is part of a capacity building exercise of the GCP project Tropical Legumes I (TLI) – Phase II. It is entitled 'Improving chickpea productivity for marginal environments in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa', and participants are being exposed to:

The next training event was the 2nd National Workshop on ‘Marker-assisted selection for crop improvement’ at ICRISAT from October 27–29, 2010. Course participants also had an opportunity to interact with plant breeders, molecular biologists, pathologists, entomologists, physiologists, biometricians and bioinformatics specialists. The training course prepared participants to successfully apply the knowledge gained at ICRISAT for chickpea improvement in their institutes.

For detailed coverage of these two events, please see the ICRISAT Newsletter, Happenings.

The third and final training course is ‘Application of molecular markers for crop improvement’ taking place from November 8–19, 2010. This course will include training in experimental design and analysis of genomics data for breeding applications.