In record mode: sunset communications to register our legacy, as the curtain rises on IBP’s Phase II

Monday, 22 September 2014 10:51

art-element1As the sun begins to set on GCP’s horizon, so the Programme tunes up to play its finale: the ‘Sunset Symphony’ – a communications concerto comprising refrains evoking stories from GCP’s decade-long research-for-development and partnership performance.

Many members of GCP’s broad community have already received the call to contribute to this collaborative composition (at this point, exta-speical thanks to the 187 respondents of our mid-year communications survey, from a target of 360 respondents). Others have been – or will be – contacted in the coming weeks and months by Econnect Communication, the firm we’ve contracted to assist us with the sunset communications. It is vital that all voices of GCP’s communal choir are heard so that the rich blend of GCP’s research, partnerships and the ‘GCP spirit’ is well and truly heard, and duly recorded.

This communications opus will document GCP’s legacy incorporating a body of substantial scientific study and solid outputs, productive partnerships, training, infrastructure improvement, informatics knowhow, challenges encountered and lessons learnt along the way, whilst also sounding the first notes of the ‘Sunrise Sonata’ – the overture to the anticipated Phase II of our Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP, which outlives GCP).

So, keep your ears tuned for these debut performances!