GCP launches new set of Learning Materials: Marker-assisted breeding

Monday, 28 September 2009 19:00

Learning Materials


GCP’s Subprogramme 5 is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of Learning Materials on Marker-Assisted Breeding (Beta version, September 2009). The materials, primarily developed by GCP collaborator Theresa Fulton of Cornell University, USA, with assistance from GCP consultant Robert Koebner, were designed to be used either as the basic material for a course or as a self-tutorial.

The module is geared towards scientists or upper-level students with a good background of biology, genetics and plant breeding, and is intended to complement both pre-existing and soon-to-come learning modules also funded by, or to be funded by, Subprogramme 5.

To access both this new set of materials and to learn about the other GCP Learning Materials, please visit our Capacity-building corner.