CCAFS Call for Proposals

The Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Challenge Programme (CCAFS-CP) is a network of the world’s leading researchers in agricultural and Earth system sciences. This challenge programme works to overcome the threats posed to food security by climate change,  to enhance livelihoods and to improve environmental management.

The objective of the programme’s research theme Adaptation pathways under progressive climate change is to achieve farming systems adapted to changing climatic conditions through the development of improved crops, livestock, farmed fish, and natural resources management. This will require the development of new technologies and testing of the same across a range of pilot sites, as well as modelling activities to out-scale the potential of individual adaptation options across a wide-range of geographies.

Towards this end, CCAFS is requesting the submission of project proposals for the development of an initial analogue methodology and proof of concept for identifying and mapping spatial and temporal analogue sites across the globe based on multiple climate projections.

Applicant consultants/research teams should have a strong modeling and computational background, and proven track record in development of similar tools/methodologies. Those with already advanced analogue methods will be given preference.

Deadline for submission of applications: 10th August 2010

For more information, download the full details of the call here.