Calling all young scientists! E-network initiative launched by GCP Fellow

Tuesday, 04 December 2007 18:00


In an initiative launched by past GCP Fellowship winner Rudi Trijatmiko, young scientists in plant genomics research seeking to share information and knowledge are encouraged to join the e-group Plant Genomics Network The network currently hosts members from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Iran and is an international forum for sharing essential papers on topics such as genetic diversity, genetic mapping and marker-assisted selection to solidly support members and their research activities. All young scientists interested in joining the knowledge-sharing network, and particularly those wishing to pursue South-South collaboration opportunities, are warmly invited to visit the site.

Another key element offered by the network is a data analysis website presenting step-by-step and straightforward protocols for data analysis in genetic diversity and genetic mapping (NT-SYS-pc, PowerMarker, QTL Cartographer, etc.). See

This initiative was launched by Rudi Trijatmiko during his GCP Fellowship with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). For more, including other projects undertaken by past GCP Fellows, please visit our GCP Fellowships page