communications-webWelcome to GCP’s Communications Centre. The information here is on a sliding scale in terms of detail and technical depth, in the following broad clusters:

Our policy
GCP's policy encourages open-access publishing for GCP-funded research. GCP's own publications are published under the Creative Commons share and share alike licence.

Follow the links on this page to access our publications. Where there are no prohibitive copyrights, the full articles are providedbo

Social media
We also disseminate our information and knowledge, and that of others, on social media. Follow our accounts at the top and bottom of this page, or from the links below.

We run blogs and we are also on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | SlideShare | YouTube | PodOmatic | Flickr | Storify | Delicious

Concept on communications, and the future
See our Position Papers on communications, drafted  in preparation for GCP's closure in December 2014.