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ARM 2009--Presentations and rapporteur reports


Day One, Sunday 20th September

Opening remarks and introductions

GCP overview and pespectives (J-M Ribaut) 

La recherche agricole et son impact en Afrique Subsaharienne (B Teme)

GCP platforms

A Molecular Breeding Platform (G McLaren)

Services--Objective 3: Molecular Breeding Platform (C de Vicente)

The Genetic Resource Support Service (JC Glaszmann)

GCP phenotyping platform strategy (X Delannay)

GCP Genotyping Services Initiative (X Delannay)

Marker and Genotyping Support Services (H Gomez)

Molecular Breeding Platform–Information System (G Davenport)

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Challenge Initiatives

Improving cassava yield in Africa's drought-prone environments (E Okogbenin)

Improving drought tolerance in chickpeas for Africa and Asia (P Gaur)

Improving drought tolerance in cowpeas for Africa (J Ehlers)

Improving drought tolerance in rice for Africa (N Ahmadi)

Improving drought tolerance in sorghum for Africa (O Niangado)

Improving drought tolerance in wheat for Asia (R Trethowan)

Comparative genomics to improve cereal yields in high aluminium and low-phosphorous soils (L Kochian) 

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Day Two, Monday, 21st September

Pan-millet genomics and genetics (J Bennetzen)

Bioinformatics and crop information

Design and analysis of association studies (F van Eeuwijk)

Reconstruction of genealogies based on haplotypes (C Billot)

The GCP Informatics Platform (M Senger)

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Parallel sessions

Cereals research--Diversity

Connecting performance under drought with genotypes through phenotype associations in rice (A Kumar)

Interspecific hybridisation for the exploitation of genetic diversity in rice (A Ghesquiere)

Genomic dissection of tolerance to drought stress in landrace barleys from Syria and Jordan (J Russell)

Genetic Dissection of Drought Adaptive Mechanisms in Bread and Durum Wheat through Large Scale Phenotyping Methodologies (D Mullan)

Phenotyping sorghum reference set for post-flowering drought tolerance–Year 1 progress (H Upadhyaya)

Origin and evolution of aluminum tolerance in sorghum (J Magalhães)

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Legumes research and development

TLI-Obj 1: Groundnut--Improve groundnut productivity for marginal environments in sub-Saharan Africa: An update on activities (V Vadez)

Accelerating development and use of genomic and genetic resources in chickpea to improve crop productivity in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa (RK Varshney)

Improving common bean productivity for drought prone environments in sub-Saharan Africa (M Blair)

New breeding approaches for cowpea enabled by High-throughput Genotyping Platforms (J Ehlers)

Next generation sequencing and genotyping technologies applied to legume germplasm and reference mapping populations (D Cook)

Fresh seed dormancy (FSD) of short duration peanut (A. hypogaea L.): latest advances (O Ndoye)

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Group discussions/meetings I--Minutes

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Genomics & gene discovery

Groundnut genetics, genomics and molecular breeding (D Bertioli)

Validation of drought-response/resistance pathway genes by phenotypic analysis of mutants (A Pereira)

Transcriptome analysis of near-isogenic rice lines to identify expression signatures and gene combinations conferring tolerance to drought stress II (S Kikuchi)

GreenPhylDB v2: An improved comparative genomic database for crops functional genomics (M Conte)

Delayed senescence and drought tolerance in rice (E Blumwald)

Improving rates of genetic gain in wheat breeding: integrating genomics (R Trethowan)

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Day Four, Wednesday 23rd September

Breeding for energy – a challenge for product delivery (J McElroy)

Capacity-building and enabling delivery

Statistical rules for defining characteristic genotype and marker sets (T Odong)

Enabling capacities for drought and bacterial blight resistance phenotyping (C Ndiaga)

A geospatial framework, database and analysis for establishing priorities in crop improvement (G Hyman)

Production constraints and opportunities for six priority GCP food crops in farming systems with high poverty (S Waddington)

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Parallel sessions

Cereal research–Breeding

Improving salinity tolerance in rice, progress in QTL mapping and marker-assisted backcrossing (A Ismail)

Candidate genes in the major QTL Phosphorus uptake 1 (Pup1) and marker-assisted breeding of Pup1 rice varieties (S Heuer)

Major QTLs for grain yield under drought: fine mapping and MAB (A Kumar)

QTL validation in introgression line populations of common wheat (R Jing)

Bridging genomics, genetic resources and breeding to improve wheat and barley production in Morocco (N Nsarellah)

Efficient use of known major gene and QTL information in plant breeding (JK Wang)

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Clonally-propagated crops

Development of genetic and genomic resources for breeding improved sweetpotato varieties (R Schaftleitner)

A cassava physical map for genome-wide SNP discovery (P Rabinowicz)

Progress in developing the potato DArT and its use in the potato genome sequencing efforts (B Sagredo)

Cassava breeding community of practice: A partnership in modern breeding and product delivery for Africa (E Okogbenin)

Musa genomics: past, present and future (N Roux)

Sweetpotato, SPVD resistance and molecular marker development for SPVD resistance (W Gruneberg)

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Group discussions/meetings II--Minutes

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