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GCP Intellectual Property Helpdesk
For answers on GCP IP issues and general information on IP and access and benefit-sharing (ABS). The goal is to help GCP member institutions, scientists and staff fulfill GCP Consortium-related IP management requirements. More
GCP's Interactive Resource Center & Helpdesk now on Facebook! More

Interactive Resource Centre & Helpdesk
In association with the Cornell University’s Institute for Genomic Diversity (IGD). For personalised, interactive support to address specific research needs. More

GCP Data Templates Helpdesk
Support to GCP researchers on using GCP Templates. More

SP4 Bioinformatics and Biometrics Helpdesk
Coordinated by GCP’s Subprogramme 4 (SP4), this helpdesk provides personal support to GCP scientists on data handling, storage and analysis. The helpdesk makes available resources and expertise in the fields of biometry, bioinformatics and software engineering to optimise the use of SP4 expertise and products.