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1st call

1st Genotyping Support Service open call, 2006–2007: For this pilot phase in 2007, 22 developing-country institutes were approached, and eight projects selected to test the GSS concept.

Crop and sample size Service providers Type of marker Objective Beneficiaries
306 Musa samples DArT P/L DArT Germplasm characterization EMPBRAPA-Cruz das Almas, Brazil
21 Musa samples DArT P/L DArT Germplas characterization University of Southern Mindanao Research-Mindanao, the Philippines
Two populations for a total of 207 potato individuals DArT P/L DArT Mapping insect traits Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias - Osorno, Chile
110 cassava families CIAT SCAR MAS for cassava mosaic disease Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute-Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
547 cassava individuals CIAT SCAR+SSR MAS for cassava mosaic disease National Root Crops Research Institute-Umuahia, Nigeria
593 cassava individuals CIAT SCAR MAS for cassava mosaic disease National Crops Resources Research Institute-Kampala, Uganda
153 groundnut accessions ICRISAT SSR Germplasm characterization Fundación PROINPA - Cochabamba, Bolivia
415 potato accessions Genome Quebec SSR Germplasm characterization